Fishing Redfish in South Louisiana

The Inland Marshes and Coastal Waters of South Louisiana produce the finest fishing for Redfish in the World. Come and experience the excitement of Salt Water Fishing for these big brutes with

Capt. Bill Lake

Redfish, Red Fish, Reds

Redfish, Red Drum, Red Fish, Reds are just a few of the names these big boys go by here in South Louisiana.

Fishing for Redfish is where you'll learn what good line quality and proper drag settings really mean. These fish just don't give up and will fight all the way to the fish box. Light Tackle is the way to go for the ultimate fish fighting adventure. These guys will give you a glimpse of their bronze back just before making another line stripping run.

Redfish thrive and are therefore plentiful here in the marsh and costal waters of South Louisiana where they can be fished year round. Depending on the season, they can be found anywhere from the shallow duck ponds to the deep oil field canals. Redfish are known to be one of the easiest salt water fish to catch here in the marsh. You'll catch big Reds using artificial baits which resemble minnows to live shrimp. When fishing with a buddy, doubles are not uncommon. Other Redfish in the area will come in and try to take the bait from the fish you've hooked and bingo, another redfish for the table.

Louisiana fishing regulations allow a limit of 5 fish. All must be above 16" with only one over 27". Pretty impressive numbers as far as size goes. With the ban on Gill Netting, these fish are becoming even more plentiful from one year to the next. If you want some hard fighting action let Capt. Bill Lake and Bayou Guide Service show you how to "pass a good time" with a trip which includes a few of these legendary fighters.


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Capt Bill Lake

Louisiana Redfish

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Saltwater Fishing in Louisiana

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